Auditing and Oversight

Experience gained from the implementation of SMS in aviation has indicated that SMS can be ‘fully compliant’ with the requirements but failing to offer substantial safety benefits. Aviation organisations’ auditors as well as aviation authorities’ inspectors should be able to look beyond ‘compliance’ and be able to assess the effectiveness/performance of SMS. This will assist the organisations to identify where their real safety issues are and take appropriate measures to improve safety.

Aviation authorities from around the world are moving towards this approach. This practical and interactive Masterclass will address the knowledge, the methodology and the skills required in order to perform productive auditing and oversight of SMS effectiveness.


Improve your knowledge and skills to perform the following:

Collage thumbnail for WASS website Apply the relevant auditing/oversight process effectively
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Deal with the auditees in the most effective manner
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Apply particular techniques in obtaining enough information
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Apply ‘risk-based’ audit techniques
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Analyse and integrate the results of the audit/oversight
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Address effectively ‘non-conventional’ topics such as commitment, safety culture, just culture, etc.
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Formulate and present conclusions and recommendations to stakeholders
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Develop a clear, concise and effective report
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The Masterclass will be composed of some theoretical elements but will mainly contain practical elements. The practical part will include preparation, auditing, looking for details and interviews, analysis of the results and reporting and presenting the results.

An outline of the programme:
In order to be able to make the most this challenging training programme participants should meet the following pre-requisites:
Collage thumbnail for WASS website should have understanding of the SMS requirements
Collage thumbnail for WASS website should have good knowledge of SMS
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Vangelis Demosthenous holds an MSc in Human Factors & Safety Management. He is the Managing Director of Kratis Training and Consulting Ltd. He also works in partnership with the University of Dublin in various research and industry projects. Prior to establishing Kratis he had worked for 18 years as a supervisor and a licensed aircraft engineer for Cyprus Airways. He is a member of the EASA Human Factors Advisory Group. He has worked in the development of the current EASA human factors and SMS requirements. He has for many years been active in Aircraft Engineers International. He also served as a member of the executive board of Flight Safety Foundation Mediterranean. His clients include organisations worldwide including Rolls-Royce (UK, Canada and USA), Gulfstream Aerospace, Cathay Pacific, Brussels Airlines, and several European Aviation Authorities. In the Middle East has a presence for the last 10 years and he has over 25 clients including the GCAA, Emirates, Etihad, flydubai, Presidential flight, Royal Jet, AMMROC, Oman Airports, Oman Air, Joramco, Dubai DANS, Sheikh Zaid Air Navigation Centre, etc.  

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates