Managing wildlife hazards in busy airport environments is complex, requiring not just aviation expertise, but an understanding of wildlife and how to manage it.

This course will cover the fundamentals of developing a Wildlife Management Programme. Based on international standards, tried and tested techniques from years of experience, and national regulations, it will outline the steps needed to develop a Wildlife Management Programme that specifically addresses your unique wildlife issues and plans the most appropriate course of action. It will also discuss the development of an integrated approach for airports, airlines, pilots, ground crews, air traffic control, as well as off-airport stakeholders such as landowners, government departments and even regulatory bodies.

Key discussion themes:

Collage thumbnail for WASS website How to ensure regulatory compliance and address legislative requirements
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Effectively define the objectives of your programme and sets goals and targets that have a real impact on improving safety
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Equipping you with tools to assess your wildlife risks
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Assessing competency and providing staff with direction and know-how to manage hazards

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Collage thumbnail for WASS website Airports
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Airlines
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Collage thumbnail for WASS website ATC
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Aviation Biologists
Collage thumbnail for WASS website Anyone who has interest in wildlife management
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Chris Perry
Wildlife Biologist, Avisure
Graduate Certificate of Aviation Management
Griffith University (2016)
BSc (Honours) Conservation Biology and Ecology
University of Exeter (2010)

Chris has worked at Gold Coast Airport for four years and managed the project in 2016. Chris is a wildlife biologist in the field of wildlife strike assessment and mitigation, airport safety, and fauna management. He has conducted wildlife hazard assessments at various airports throughout Australia and in the Middle East, and has demonstrated the ability to problem solve wildlife issues in a diverse range of environments, from arid regions to the tropics, providing clients with a breadth of experience that is difficult to match. He designed the Bahrain International Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plan that included a wildlife hazard component in their Aeronautical Information Package. In addition he worked on a skill exchange with Gatwick International Airport and presented at the World Aviation Safety Summit and the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Working Group in 2016 covering the topics of a safety management approach in wildlife hazard management and highlighting the importance of managing off-site hazards.

Jill Brix
Principal Consultant, Avisure
Bachelor of Arts – Central Queensland University 1990
Officer Training – Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) (Reserves) 2005
Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety – Charles Darwin University, 2011
Operations Officer Basic Course – Royal Australian Air Force, 2016
Certified Aerodrome Reporting & Works Safety Officer – Australian Airports Association, 2003

With more than 26 years of aviation experience, Jill is a highly valued contributor to the Australian aviation industry. She has worked at six Queensland and Northern Territory airports, where she has been responsible for airfield operations, airfield security, workplace health a safety and environment management. Between 2006 and 2014, she was the Health Safety and Environment Manager for Northern Territory Airports Pty Ltd (NTAPL), and between 2014 and 2015, she was the Operations and Standards Manager/Acting General Manager Aviation for Townsville Airport (managed by Queensland Airport Limited, the propriety group who also operates Gold Coast Airport). Jill was an Executive on the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Working Group (Chair and Deputy Chair), and a representative of Australian Airports Association. She has also been involved with the World Bird Strike Committee. In 2016, Jill joined Avisure to focus on expanding the company’s expertise to include services relating to operational risk, aviation safety, environmental and occupational health and safety management. Jill brings extensive experience in airfield operations, risk management, and systems management (quality, safety, risk, and environment), providing Avisure’s clients with a suite of services such as compliance monitoring, auditing and emergency events training. She is also an Operations Officer as an Active Reservist with the Royal Australian Air Force, currently based at 23SQN, RAAF Base Amberley.