Day One 11th December 2018


Chairman’s Opening Remarks


Regulation and Government Oversight

  • Safety and security – building a global consensus
  • Harmonisation of national law and regulations with those of industry-leading States
  • How can regulators work effectively with the airlines to improve safety

Emerging markets – enhancing safe and secure operations

  • Safety for growing local airlines
  • Enabling the safe growth of passenger numbers
  • Partnering with airports and airlines
  • Increasing the expertise on safety among developing and under developed countries

Morning Refreshments


Business continuity and air safety

  • Business continuity, professional resources and critical role management
  • Business continuity after a high speed crash incident
  • Integration and communication
  • Handling a fragmented news environment driven by social media

Safety performance, monitoring, measurement and benchmarking

  • Safety Performance Indicators and Safety Performance Targets
  • Integrating safety management systems into daily operations
  • Safety management or quality management, which comes first?



Effective crew management strategies for safe operations

  • Fatigue management plans and strategies
  • Pilot fitness, health and fatigue management
  • Flight and duty time limitations of flight crew
  • Reducing human error in aviation

Successfully creating a safety culture

  • Achieving a just culture
  • Evaluating best practices in multi-cultural airlines
  • Effective safety training management and programmes
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Implementation of safety culture across outsourced services

Drones and UAVs

  • Drone regulations across the world
  • Ensuring proactive development of regulation to meet upcoming threats
  • Assessing the safety risks associated with operations of Unmanned Aerial Systems – how should they be regulated

Helipad safety management

  • Helipad pavements and safety
  • Effective excursion and incursion mitigations throughout the world
  • Prevention of incursions

Day Two 12th December 2018


Chairman’s opening remarks


Assuring air cargo safety

  • Assessing the safety implications of incorrect freight declaration
  • Analysing the rates of accidents & incidents in cargo airlines
  • Updates on dangerous goods regulations
  • Lithium-Ion battery issues

Inflight tracking and safety

  • Implementing continuous air tracking
  • Improving safety with real-time aircraft tracking
  • Provision of seamless radar surveillance throughout the flight from departure to destination
  • LOC-I

Morning Refreshments


ATC and ATM challenges in the Gulf region

  • Redesigning GCC airspace and the introduction of next-generation ATM in the Middle East region
  • ATC security and resilience
  • Avoidance of Airprox incidents on international routes
  • Parallel and unstabilised runway approaches

Communication and ATC

Effective and consistent communication are critical to safe operations. How can the quality of ATC and crew communication be assured and developed to enhance safety and simplify operations?

  • ATC and crew communication enhancement
  • Call sign confusion within the MID region
  • ATM and pilot training



Airside and ground services

  • Ground handling and aircraft recovery
  • Ground incidents and lessons learned
  • Ground incidents due to untrained contractor staff
  • Ground operations safety at airports

Risk management and predictive safety

  • Identifying future hazards
  • Accidents that occurred due to systemic failures
  • Risk management and prioritization

Safety data management and utilisation

  • Collecting, analysing and sharing of safety data
  • Flight data utilisation to enhance predictive safety
  • Safety performance indicators based on “positive” performance
  • Successful prevention of incidents and effective management of threats and hazards