red-quote "It was a great experience working with the WASS team before and during the Summit. I want to thank the team for their great cooperation and the high level of professionalism that was demonstrated throughout the preparation and our presence at the 4th World Aviation Safety Summit."  
  Azeem Farooqui, Quality Assurance & BDM, Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute  

blue-quote "The event was very informative, and I could see how it has evolved over the years, and look forward to next year’s event."  
  Amir Emam, Senior Strategic Marketing & BDM, Honeywell Middle East and Africa  

red-quote "This was my third summit and I really enjoyed the event and also learned a lot. It was also a great opportunity to meet many experts from diverse backgrounds and countries. I personally think the combination of individual presentations together with some panel discussions was a better approach than all panel discussions."  
  Cengiz Turkoglu, Senior Lecturer in Safety Engineering, Cranfield University  

blue-quote "The arrangements seemed impeccable and the location and facilities were great. Also, from what I heard from others there were generally positive comments about the summit."  
  Dr. Nicklas Dahlstrom, Human Factors Manager, Emirates  

red-quote "The event seemed to be a real success and certainly a step change compared to 2015."  
  Capt. Mark Burtonwood, VP – Flight Safety | Group Safety, Emirates  

blue-quote "It was my pleasure to be part of WASS 2016! Congratulations for such a well-organized event. The organising team took care of every single detail and at the end of the day that’s what sets WASS apart from the rest and makes everyone to come back year after year."  
  Rubén Morales, General Manager Corporate Safety and Security, Hong Kong Airlines  

red-quote "It was a great knowledge sharing experience from many firms, I have taken away some new ideas about improving safety in my company."  
  Azam Soukar, Head of HSE, ADPI  

blue-quote "The Summit brings together safety experts from all aspects of aviation safety so that they can learn from each other’s successes as well as their failures in order to make aviation in general safer."  
  Christopher Worger, Operations Manager, NCMS Aviation Meteorology (AvMET)  

red-quote "Safety is a primary concern for the aviation industry. Honeywell has many technologies to improve safety both in the air and on ground. That’s why we are here as a Knowledge Partner for the World Aviation Safety Summit."  
  Nick Maynard, Marketing Manager, Honeywell Aerospace  

blue-quote "We believe that the World Aviation Safety Summit is crucial to highlight the risk associated within the aviation industry and Screen4 are keen to help and highlight human factors involved in that. We also aim to help eliminate those risks going forward within the industry."  
  David Grouse, Director, Screen4  

red-quote "The sessions gave great examples and covered most topics of aviation safety. Overall, this was a great conference. Was my first time here but not my last."  
  Hatim Hayyas AL Zahrani, Manager, Safety Analysis & Reporting, GACA - King Abdulaziz International Airport  

blue-quote "The safety summit topics were very useful and informative."  
  Dilshad Muthandi, Safety Data Analyst, Safi Airways  

red-quote "The presentations were precise and loaded with meaningful information"  
  Femi Olowoyeye, Director of Quality & Safety, Safi Airways  

blue-quote "It is the perfect forum for people from the industry to discuss their concerns regarding aviation safety."  
  Heather Gaenssler, Air Traffic Control Training Specialist, Dubai Air Navigation Services  

red-quote "There is something for everyone involved in aviation safety, this Safety Summit should not be missed."  
  Dan Alexander, ATC Safety Specialist, Dubai Air Navigation Services  

blue-quote "Some interesting concepts presented from reputable individuals and organisations."  
  Stewart Murphy, ANS Safety Manager, GAL Air Navigation Services  

red-quote "It was my first Safety Summit and I can state for a fact that I was honestly barely bored throughout the program. I'll be sure to attend the Summit in the year 2017. Wouldn't miss it!"  
  Colin D'Costa, QA & Safety Officer, Jet Aviation Dubai  

blue-quote "A must attend seminar."  
  Dhruv Rebbapragada, Chief of Flight Safety, IndiGo  

red-quote "Another successful event that evidences the position of Dubai, gathering the pioneers and professionals in the field of Safety within the Aviation Industry."  
  Jaffar Mohammed Al Blooshi, Manager Special Airports Systems, Dubai Airports  

blue-quote "The more I attend, the more I get to learn from this event. It was a wonderful experience learning about different sectors of the aviation industry ranging from hospitality to engineering to operations."  
  Mohamed Sufyan Shafi, Student, Amity University Dubai